Wasted Tears

Forever I cried for the one that I thought would love me.

Forever I cried for the one I finally got to see.

Forever I cried because of a broken heart.

Forever I cried days and nights apart.

When I thought it was all over and my tears had come to an end, they somehow came back and it started all over again.

My head and heart don’t understand why this came to be, but the child I gave birth to has turned his back on me.

Wasted years, tears shed for nothing. Heartbroken and full of grief, never again will I waste my tears on someone that doesn’t love me.

Yes, it hurts to say so, but what can I do? The answer is nothing. I will try not to think about it. I will just go on with my life just as before as he goes on with his.

Wasted years, and wasted tears I will never get back, but through the years I will grow stronger, wiser, smarter, and better than I have ever been.

Things happen for a reason. The truth just came out; as some thought it never would, now I know their heart and it is not good.

My heart will mend in time. It all will be a distant memory. I have too much to think about, such as my future and the plans that God has set out for me to accomplish. My future is bright and I will not let anything or anyone destroy it in any kind of way. I have too much to look forward to.

I will smile through it all and I will not have any more wasted tears. ©2020

To me, these flowers represent happiness, beauty, and joy.

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